The Elves Wild and Noble Elves
Saga 1


Gallean's wrath upon Nevendaar was a thing of nightmares. He had lashed out at his lost lover, Mortis, with unmatched ferocity. His rage had manifested itself a great beast, an unthinking behemoth that slaughtered indiscriminately. Gallean's corrupted son, Lachla'an, perished along with a great number of Mortis' corpse army, Dwarves, and even Elves. Horrified at what he had become, even for a brief moment, Gallean abandoned his children.

Elven society soon changed. The Elven nobles continued to grow in power, and Illumielle succeeded into her position as queen. The noble Elves shared a common taste with the Humans; they built elaborate cities, donned gleaming armor, and studied the method of organized warfare. However, deep in the forest, the savage Elves began to protest these civilized methods. They embraced their heritage as wilderness creatures. They shied away from other races, preferring isolation to possible betrayal. This wild bunch of Elves, under the unofficial leadership of Tora'ach, created a sense of dread within the once serene forests. Any who strayed too deep into the wilderness became a potential victim for the Elven bandits.

Scouts had begun to observe Mortis' fiends pushing further into the Elven lands.

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Tora'ach returned Fyrwenn home as promised, but each hesitated when Illumielle asked them what had transpired. To the Queen, it would certainly seem like baseless murder, but she was not there... she did not hear Gallean's voice emanating from his Oracle. Surprisingly, the savage and noble Elves had come together as a flawless force when following the orders of the god.

Saga 2


Despite following the will of their beloved god, the noble Elves were left with a sense of tremendous guilt. The blood of innocent Humans now soiled their polished armor. The noble council met to discuss options, especially regarding the fate of the oracle responsible. After much debate, a warden was sent to arrest her until she could stand before the council in her own defense.

Tora'ach and his wild Elves provided sanctuary for the oracle. They saw her as the voice of change, a much needed motivator to move Gallean's people toward their destiny. Previously skeptical of her abilities, Tora'ach's band now followed her as a prophet; they would never permit Illumielle's guard to take her from them.

The noble Elves were invited into the thick of the forest to meet, unarmed, with the rest of the Elven people. As arguments rose, the oracle stepped forward with a new message from Gallean. The Elves were to seek out the Empire, far from their forest kingdom. There was no questioning the oracle this time, however, for each of her eyes reflected a glorious figure, one glowing and one in shadows.

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War was inevitable now. The noble Elves still hoped for some miraculous way out of bloodshed, but miracles had guided them towards it. Each could foresee the violence awaiting them; the visions of the oracles were clouded with crimson. At a time for planning speeches and negotiations, swords were being sharpened and armor adjusted. A thousand bows were strung, for such was the will of Gallean.

Saga 3


The Elves made their way to the rim around the great crater of Thelena. Some were eager at the thought of a fierce battle, while others apprehensively urged themselves forward in the name of Gallean.

Fyrwenn and the noble Elves met to discuss peace proposals, but were unable to find any justification for the actions of their people. Hiding behind "Gallean's will" would not impress the Empire. In the end, it was decided that Fyrwenn herself would meet with the Humans to discuss retribution. The wild Elves mocked them, for they believed Gallean was preparing them for war and time was better spent on battle tactics than fumbling for words of negotiation.

Regardless of the decision, Empire reinforcements were but weeks away and the Elves needed to move quickly.

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Thelena had fallen to the Elves. As they moved their troops into defensive locations, the Empire army grew closer by the day. Serphis was determined to prove his value to his people, his queen, and especially to his god. He would stand side by side with Geintel and his wild Elves no matter what number of men challenged the occupation. However, new orders would soon arrive through their humble oracle.

Saga 4


Thelena became a staging point for the Elven progression; just ahead was an open route into Falhen Heim, the ancient land they had once lost to the Mountain Clans.

The Elves enjoyed their victory for a short while. The Circle of Thelena had become a bustling grove where many Elven warriors, both noble and wild, traveled in order to take part in the festivities. Under the illusion of celebration, Serphis' plan was to bring in new recruits while he awaited further instructions from Hearth's Grove. Serphis had embraced his new leadership and had served his people well.

As time passed, whispers of war were returning. Among the wild Elves, debates arose about invading Falhen Heim to regain their stolen lands. Even among the nobles, the prospect of restoring their honor drifted into conversations. Despite the rising enthusiasm, all waited on the word of one simple oracle.

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With the defeat of their fiercest warriors, the Dwarves of Korbach's Fort began their defensive retreat towards the Dwarven stronghold at Flahen Heim. Though their army pushed towards the summit of the mountain, the Elven fury plowed through the Dwarven lines like an avalanche.

Saga 5


Sent forward by Gallean, the Elves pressed on with their attack, heading deep into the mountainous regions of the Clans territory and towards the great Dwarven city, Falhen Heim. But a dark shadow loomed over their shoulders. During their ascent, they had encountered the tattered corpses of dead Elves, brought back by unknown powers. Most pointed towards Mortis as the cause for this new horror, but others believed the source came from within.

Serphis and Geintel stationed a new grove atop the mountain heights, preparing for one final charge towards the Mountain Clans. As the Dwarves leaned over their castle walls, they could hear "vengeance for Gallean!" shouted by thousands in Elvish tongue.

It would take but a word from the oracle to unleash ages of fury upon the Wotan's children.

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With their queen slain and their forces in a state of confusion, the Dwarves were easily pushed into the massive caverns of Gotter Keep. Grizzlespit knew the Dwarves would not tolerate their confinements for long, and also knew they would return with the glorious rage that was once the pride of their race. The Elves descended the far side of the mountain and journeyed towards the sea, the smoke of razed Dwarven cities obscuring the path behind them.

Saga 6


The Elves turned their attention to the vast fields of Fardale, but reaching these lands meant crossing Mercantile Sea, a focal point in the Empire's economy. Merchants, traders and swindlers exchanged goods bound for the lands of the Empire.

The Elves quickly realized the importance of the area. Gaining control of Mercantile would cut supplies to many areas within the Empire's territory, especially Fardale. It would also give the Elves a solid launching point for their invasion.

Exhausted by her ordeals in the mountains, Millu rested, pondering on the death of Geintel. Serphis oversaw the rapid construction of a new grove on a small island and readied the first Elven fleet in the history of their kind.

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The Elves had secured their grip on the Human trade route. Supply lines to Fardale, and more importantly, Temperance, were blocked. If all went as planned, the Humans would be in a state of chaos when the Elves reached land once again.

Saga 7


Gallean's children stormed the shores of the mainland. The Elves poured into the forest, slaughtering those they marked "intruders". The Empire had painfully miscalculated the strength of the Elven army, but each battle took more and more strength out the Elven assault. Their forces were diminishing.

Millu gave them the drive they needed to continue forward, lifting them up with words from Gallean when battles were especially costly. She promised them that the Elves still remained within these foreign forests, hidden from the eyes of men.

The brutal momentum of their quest began to weigh heavily on their weary minds. Why were they building an army? Why were they being led into battle with their allies? Gallean was about to deliver his reasons through his tiny Oracle, and with but a few words, the fate of the Elves would be revealed.

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The Elven army had nearly avoided defeat as its numbers began to shrink. New allies filled in gaps left by the slain or wounded, and the assault continued. Soon the collective might of the forest would approach the massive gates of Temperance.

Saga 8


A thick smoke hung heavy in the sky as a thousand campfires were set ablaze. Even the Elves were shocked to see how massive their numbers grew once word of their plight spread through the forests. The Humans perched upon the great walls of their fortress city, awestricken by the firelight within the trees.

Emry, however, was a brilliant tactician, and with support from queen Ambrielle's spies, he was able to offer both protection and the chance for a great battle to the Dwarves. With both axe and sword raised in defiance, the defenders of Temperance awaited an epic confrontation..

Millu sat alone in her hovel; tears for her people glistening on her cheeks. She felt a comforting presence next to her. Outside, another presence spread rage throughout the Elven camps.

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When the grand walls of Temperance were brought down, the people of the forests poured into its courtyard. The combined might of the Dwarves and Humans was unable to withstand the Elven assault and the city was soon lost. King Emry had signaled a retreat - he would not sacrifice more of his people to a hopeless battle. Even after the struggle, new bands of Elves continued to arrive.

The end of the Elven Saga


The end of the Elven Saga 2

There was no celebration. The task of burying the fallen was monumental. Wild Elves interred noble Elves with somber respect while the nobles honored those lost in battle, including Tora'ach. Fyrwenn inscribed great tales about the fallen leader, who gave his own life to ensure her safety.

Illumielle struggle to raised the spirits of her people in such sorrowful times. She left the rebuilding of the great city, soon to be the new Elven capital, to her greatest general, Serphis. But what of the simple oracle whose meager voice sparked an entire race to rebel?

Millu sat in the corner of her room, drenched in sweat. As she dug her fingernails into her palms, the presence spoke through her in a forceful whisper. This is only the beginning... This is only the beginning...

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